Primer día de clases y vos estas en un concierto de Salamandra #estoesinge #seguifestejandobicho (at Facultad De Ingenieria)

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"Unless you fight them, your ghosts from your past will still drag you into the darkness."

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🎉🎉🎉 (at Facultad de Ingeniería - U.N.A.)

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Para crear este gráfico son necesarias dos funciones. Así también en una relación son necesarias dos personas. Existen muchas funciones, pero solamente una que puede formar conmigo esta #amorhastaencalculodiferencial

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Un poco de sushi para Drogba 😂👏 #ahoraelsushiesparatodos @samasushipy

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Ella ❤ 21 meses

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Ok, yes. I admit it. My heart even skips a beat when I see you

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Mama, mi primer amor ❤ #HappyMothersDay

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May today turn into tomorrow and tomorrow into the rest of the days. Because with you, forever is all I want

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Por lo visto algo le paso al ropero por eso ahora se accede por el bache (at Supermercado Mundi Mark)

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Porque hacer un shot panorámico en forma horizontal es muy mainstream (at Caiobá (OFICIAL))

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@karembobadilla ❤ (at Praia Brava)

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Happy 19th month my dear. Te amo

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"If you had the cure to cancer wouldn’t you share it? You have the cure to death: get out there and share it."


Kirk Cameron

I always think of this when people say “Why don’t you just keep your Christianity to yourself?” That’s the most selfish thing I could do.

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(via jesusiwillfollowyou)

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